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    Field Management

    The RAPIDTM system is the ideal tool  to detect  pesticide with the sampling plan in the field, since it is portable. Before heading to the field, Phansco team investigates the area and the production of the field, and applies MIL-STD-105E sampling plan to operate the strict sampling detection plan, and actually manage the pesticide usage in the field.
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    Campus Food Inspection Management

    Food ingredient suppliers such as the central kitchen, company, and national military auxiliary foods supply station will take samples of vegetables and fruits for pesticide residue testing before cooking the ingredients, so as to ensure the health of children, employees and soldiers. (Image authorization source: Nuanxi Elementary School)

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    Enterprise Security Inspection Management

    With the unstoppable wave of ESG enterprise transformation, the enterprises gradually pay attention to the food safety of employees.The RAPIDTM system can detect the ingredients of employees' restaurants by themselves, and ensures the safety of employees' group meals in real time to create a friendlier corporate environment.

Phansco takes two actions to conduct foodsafety:
Raman Rapid System for pesticides- the Raman Rapid System co-developed with Taiwan Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances Research Institute- is utilized to inspect food in origin to show that our partners are dedicated to conducting food safety in the fields.
The spectrum technology from Phansco is used for inspecting food for 230 kinds of pesticides, and generate qualitative and semi-quantitative reports. With Raman Rapid Systems, users inspect food in fields instantly. One of the advantages is that users inspect crops before harvesting to prevent the waste if the crops cannot pass the pesticide inspection in the laboratory and be disposed forcibly.
Soil Inspecting Technology and Management
Phansco utilizes spectrum technology to inspect soil and construct the soil management system so that users inspect material in soil instantly. All the data is uploaded and analyzed in the Cloud to keep the sustainability of soil.