RAPID-785 Portable Raman Detector System

RAPID-785 portable Raman spectroscopy detection system provides a convenient solution of pesticide residues detection. The high-order Raman spectrometer integrates the measurement operation interface into a single portable carry-on box. The SERS chip is placed in the detection slot. Next, the measurement can be completed within three minutes, and the spectral results can be displayed in real time. The analysis results will be stored synchronously on the server platform, which is helpful for tracking and querying and analyzing statistics after detection. The result can be exported to a PDF File by the measurement program or web platform.

RAPID-785 portable Raman spectroscopy detection system has a built-in lithium battery, which can support the detection for more than 4 hours. The device greatly improves the mobility of the inspector. The system realizes timely testing in the field and makes up the gap in industrial application technology for testing.


  • Sensitivity identifies trace pesticide residues
  • Real-time cloud calculation analysis results output
  • Flexible erection with computer to save equipment space requirements
  • Diversified sample testing
  • Rapid qualitative and semi-quantitative testing


  • Size : 46 x 35 x 20 cm (with carry-up)
  • Weight :  <10 kg
  • Raman light source :  785 nm laser; Power ≤ 100 mW
  • Spectral range :  200-1800 cm-1; Resolution <10 cm-1
  • Operation interface: Windows® system is equipped with special detection software.