Food Safety and Sustainable Development
We are creative in Opt-mechatronic design of integrated systems and develop a new rapid detection device.
We focus on the most important issues of food safety. We ensure the health of human beings, and check the ecological security of the earth.
Our History
Phansco started in August 2012. We consist of the technical teams specializing in opto-mechanical design and integration. we have the thinking of "technology, innovation, and craftsmanship." Phansco is committed to the design and application of technology products, and develop technology with heterogeneous Integration. We focus on unique spectrum technology and nano-structure technology and contribute the new value of Green Fashion that becomes the value of caring for our earth and sustainable development.
We put the experience into an intelligent patent and combine innovative technology and multiple applications to develop real-time detection technology and solutions for food and agricultural products. (e.g. Raman Apparatus of Pesticide Identified Detector( RAPIDTM) system, portable fluorescent pesticide residue device, surface-enhanced Raman scattering chip, and the application of micro-nanobubble technology) Phansco is a pioneer in food safety management.
"2016 BIO Asia-Taiwan Exhibition" was held in the Agricultural Pavilion. Taiwan Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances Research Institute, the Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan (TACTRI, COA) and Phansco launched the fastest "Rapid detection method for active ingredients of pesticide residues in agricultural products" together.

This rapid detection method combines the advantages of both parties. The fastest extraction and purification pretreatment method was developed by TACTRI, and the "Raman Apparatus of Pesticide Indetified Detector" was pioneered by Phansco. The rapid detection method can complete the traceability of the origin within five minutes. The rapid detection method allows agricultural enterprises and distributors to establish a food safety system and check the source of food safety for the whole people. Phascno is a model of the combination of industry, official and university.