Technical Service

Service 1: Commission Service of  surface enhanced Raman detection for pesticide residues


Phansco provides customized and exclusive rapid detection services, including:

Pesticide Residues

  • Food additives
  • Non-edible chemicals
  • Authenticity identification of medicines
  • Illegal additives in health products
  • Harmful Substances in Herbs


Service 2:Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering(SERS) Spectral Database

  • Phansco has a lot of development experience in the multi-pesticide residue module. Next, we will extend the application to the fields of drugs, medicine, and bacteria, etc. We can establish a customized spectral database.
  • Customized SERS detection services and planned cooperation projects.

If you want to commission SERS detection services, please click on the test application (link to the google form and fill out the online form). After finishing the form, we will contact you