Vision and Mission
Food safety problems are threatening the health of people around the world. With the diversification of food sources, people are more concerned about food safety. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), unsafe food kills about 2 million people every year on average.

In recent years, the global food chain has become increasingly complex and lengthy. Pollution from one source will affect many people and bring unprecedented challenges to the food safety systems in every country.
Step1.R&D system
Phansco uses the real time detection characteristics of optics to improve traditional chemical methods and biological culture detection. We can quickly and accurately detect unknown food composition, and provide safety checks for every link of food from the farm to the customer . Phansco assists the government to prevent food safety problems, and keep in touch with the local production. Phansco provides food safety first.
Step 2.Traceability control
  • Traceability control of food safety provides transparency of food information from farm to table.
  • The RAPIDTM system is a new tool for rapid testing of pesticide residues from the field to the store. The result is uploaded in real time and the output report.
  • Phansco and TACTRI developed the fastest pretreatment method together and exclusively authorized by TACTRI.
Transparency of food safety information is basic consumer needs. To help farms reduce the burden of testing, Phansco makes food safety information transparent, and relieves consumers' food safety concerns. Traceability management is Phansco’s mission.
Step 3.High-quality ESG solutions for enterprises
Sustainability Policy
Taking care of employees' health is an important part of ESG. Food safety has become an enterprise-level focus on risk management today.
Good corporate management
  • Establish active caring management
  • Pay attention to the environment and ecology
  • Care about the health of employees
  • Combine data with blockchain to make the public more trustworthy
Social Responsibility Benchmark
  • Concerned about the management of food safety traceability
  • Lead enterprises to Concerned about local small agricultural products
  • Care about the sustainable vitality of the land
High-quality ESG innovation action
  • Care for local agricultural products
  • Pay attention to safe food
  • Create small farmers' market
  • Supply safe food for employees