Tips & Hints


  •  Phan2 SERS substrate is suitable for wide wavelength laser excitation range (532nm~ 1064 nm)
  •  The surface-enhanced Raman scattering signal can enhance more than one million times. (Most of the molecules are tested on the adsorption surface)


  •  Phan2 SERS substrate has high surface structure uniformity and good Raman signal repeatability.


  • Do not wash/shake/surface-treat before analysis.
  • Drop the detected liquid on the surface of Phan2 SERS for analysis
  • Please use water or organic solvents such as ethyl acetate, methanol, etc.
  • the surface of Phan2 SERS substrate can not be touched or scratched
  • Do not perform measurements in dust-contaminated environments.

Exp. Date:

Storage life of Phan2 SERS substrate:

  • Open for use (Ag/Au):6 hours before oxidation
  • Unopened (Ag/Ag): 8 weeks from effective date


  • Suggested method: Wet measurement method. 10X objective lens 
  • Dropping: Drop 1.7uL of the solution (or the signal enhancer) to the chip. The signal enhancer increases the attachment of chemical molecules to magnify the signal.


Through the Phansco purification method, it is ensured that the crop matrix in the purification solution can be reduced after the pretreatment process. However, there are impurities in the purified liquid. Therefore,the Raman spectrum measurement method is developed by using the Marangoni effect on the basis of the existing SERS measurement.The Marangoni effect is the formation of a thermal Marangoni flow inside due to the surface tension gradient difference which is caused by the heating of the laser when the organic solvent volatilize or evaporate.The pesticide molecules are gradually concentrated inward and enhance the signal of the molecule to be tested and reduce the matrix (fluorescence) interference.

(Patent Application No. 105122930/Certifying: Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Detection Method for Testing Pesticide Products or Pesticide Residues in Crops)