• 01
    Field Management

    The RAPIDTM system is the ideal tool  to detect  pesticide with the sampling plan in the field, since it is portable. Before heading to the field, Phansco team investigates the area and the production of the field, and applies MIL-STD-105E sampling plan to operate the strict sampling detection plan, and actually manage the pesticide usage in the field.
  • 02
    Campus Food Inspection Management

    Food ingredient suppliers such as the central kitchen, company, and national military auxiliary foods supply station will take samples of vegetables and fruits for pesticide residue testing before cooking the ingredients, so as to ensure the health of children, employees and soldiers. (Image authorization source: Nuanxi Elementary School)

  • 03
    Enterprise Security Inspection Management

    With the unstoppable wave of ESG enterprise transformation, the enterprises gradually pay attention to the food safety of employees.The RAPIDTM system can detect the ingredients of employees' restaurants by themselves, and ensures the safety of employees' group meals in real time to create a friendlier corporate environment.

  • 04
    Market Management

    Hualien County fruits and vegetable market has 76 years experience since 1947 in supplying the local food and the market is responsible for the stable food prices in Hualien since 1978. To gain the trust from the customers, the market set up the pesticide inspecting station and make sure the fruits and vegetables are safe. Phansco RAPID  is applied in Hualien fruits and vegetable market so that the inspector can stop the vegetable or fruits that are not qualified and precisely tell the producer how many types of pesticide are detected.
  • 05
    Food Manufacturing Management

    "Food manufacturers choose the RAPIDTM system to do their own inspection to increase the times of pesticide residue detections on the agricultural raw materials of their products for strengthening their self-risk management capabilities, and ensure the safety of consumers."

  • 06
    Distributors Food Management

    Mass merchandisers, supermarkets and convenience stores regard food safety as an important part of corporate social responsibility, so we use the RAPIDTM system to detect pesticides quickly and accurately, obtain pesticide residual results before selling, protect consumer health, and enhance corporate responsibility. 

  • 07
    Inspection Center and Lab

    The education and research institute introduces the RAPIDTM system as the main food safety management. In order to increase the variety of research methods of food safety inspection and evaluation, safety maintenance and crisis management, provide better testing solutions required by relevant government units and the food industry, and offer enterprises with options for facing and preventing food safety risks.