Phan² SERS
Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Substrate (Phan² SERS Substrate)

Phan2 SERS Substrate is suitable for various laser excitation wavelength (532 nm, 633 nm, 785 nm and 1064 nm), the silver nanopillar structure made by GLAD enhanced Raman spectral signal intensity by millions to tens of millions of times with high surface structure uniformity and good Raman signal repeatability. It can stably detect trace substances, improve spectral signal intensity and analysis. It is an advanced technology for rapid detection of food and pesticide residues.

-Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Substrate (Phan2 SERS)

-Silver nanopillar structure which has multi-wavelength and enhanced magnification

-Wavelength: 532 nm~1064 nm

-Effective area: 2.2×2.2 mm

-SERS substrate slides (75 mm×25 mm×2mm) 

-Packing: Argon dry packaging

Phan2 SERS substrate is highly sensitive analytical material and widely used in a wide range of fields, such as:

  • Food safety-pesticide residues, drug residues, and food additives, etc.
  • Biology - bacterial classification, protein research, and tumor cell identification, etc.
  • Healthy-blood sugar, and cholesterol detection, etc.
  • Medicine-immunoassays, and cell research, etc.
  • Material Science- carbon nanotubes, polymers, and self-assembling molecular layers, etc.
  • Environmental safety-water pollution monitoring, and residual toxicant detection, etc
  • National security- detection of trace explosives, and poison gas, etc