Cruciferous vegetables-Multiple Pesticide Detection Module

Phansco has created a map that contains more than 200 kinds of pesticide commonly used in agriculture. Rapid detection provides high-risk solutions for crop pesticide application. Phansco also provides customized testing services, with a fast and simple process. It is used in the detection of pesticide residues, pseudo-banned pesticides, and pesticide metabolites residues,fortifying the defense line of food safety. Phansco Raman system is based on the regulation and requirements of FDA, including a wide range of pesticides.

Detectable cruciferous vegetables:Cabbages、Cauliflowers、Chinese cabbages、Broccolis、Lettuce and more.
Detectable Pesticides:Dinotefuran、Propamocarb hydrochloride、Procymidone、Acetamiprid、Thiamethoxam and more.