Phan² SERS
Dithiocarbamates-specific (Phan² SERS Substrate)

Dithiocarbamates-specific Phan2 SERS substrate is suitable for the semiquantitative dithiocarbamate analysis method in vegetables and fruits. The process can be finished in 10 minutes. The pharmaceutical products include: Thiram, Ferbam, Propineb, Mancozeb, Maneb, and Metiram. The compound structure belongs to three categories.

-Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Substrate (Phan2 SERS)

-Silver nanopillar structure which has multi-wavelength and enhanced magnification

-Wavelength: 532nm~1064nm

-Effective area: 2.2×2.2mm

-SERS substrate slides (75 mm×25 mm×2mm)

-Packing: Argon dry packaging

1. When the pesticide residue analysis laboratory detected excess amount of CS in the sample using the Test Method for Residual Pesticides in Food-Fungicide Dithioaminoformate(II) , yet under the interference of endogenous suffices, Phansco method is used in order for qualitative and semi-quantitative identification to support the laboratory analysis.

 2. Vegetable & fruit producers and importers screen their agricultural products to check whether there is any risk of dithioaminoformate pesticides residues.